Thursday , 18 April 2024
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Kacey Musgraves Contemplates Potential Move from Nashville to New York City

Kacey Musgraves, the country-pop queen, has been making headlines recently for her potential move from Tennessee to New York City. After writing her newest album, “Deeper Well,” in the Big Apple, Musgraves has been spotted browsing New York real estate listings online, sparking rumors of a possible relocation.

In a recent interview with People, Musgraves revealed that she often finds herself browsing Zillow late at night and wouldn’t rule out the possibility of moving to New York City. However, she also mentioned that she has a strong community in Nashville that she cherishes and couldn’t find anywhere else. Musgraves recently purchased a “cottage” in a Tennessee forest, which served as the inspiration behind her album’s eighth track, “Heart of the Woods.”

While it seems like Musgraves is not ready to leave Nashville behind just yet, she expressed her admiration for New York City’s unique energy and creative inspiration. She recorded her latest album at Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and recently returned to the city for a musical guest stint on SNL. Musgraves also collaborated with Boy Smells on a candle inspired by her album, further solidifying her ties to the city.

In an interview with Vogue, Musgraves described New York City as a “very special place” that inspires her creativity. She highlighted the city’s electric energy and the way emotions are magnified in an environment where millions of people are stacked on top of each other, all trying to figure out life together.

While Musgraves may not be ready to make a permanent move to New York City, a weekend pad in the Big Apple could be in the cards for the Grammy-winning artist. With her deep connection to Nashville and newfound inspiration in New York City, Musgraves seems to be balancing her love for both cities as she continues to create music and art.

As fans eagerly await Musgraves’ next move, it’s clear that the talented singer-songwriter is open to new possibilities and experiences, whether in the heart of Tennessee or the bustling streets of New York City. Only time will tell where Kacey Musgraves’ next chapter will take her, but one thing is for sure – her music will continue to captivate audiences wherever she goes.

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