Monday , 22 April 2024
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Deaf Club (feat. HIRS Collective) + Fuck Money – “Split EP” | Album Review

In a time marked by social and political turmoil, punk music and its derivatives serve as a poignant reflection of dissent and creativity. The latest split EP featuring Deaf Club, The HIRS Collective, and Fuck Money encapsulates the raw energy and defiance of the punk scene. With four tracks in total, the EP showcases the collaborative efforts of these three powerhouse bands, delivering a fast-paced and intense listening experience.

Deaf Club, led by Justin Pearson, known for their hardcore punk sound, joins forces with The HIRS Collective to create two tracks that are both chaotic and cinematic. The opening track, “Biblical Loophole,” delves into themes of oppression and societal decay, with sharp lyrics and dynamic guitar work. The EP also features a blistering rendition of Nirvana’s “Tourette’s,” reimagined with a fresh intensity that sets it apart from the original.

On the other side of the split, Fuck Money, a Texan “scrape rock band,” offers two tracks that blend melodic leads with experimental instrumentation. “Rat Queen” showcases intricate guitar work and a relentless energy that keeps the listener engaged, while “Alley Tricks” delves into grindcore territory with explosive progression and chaotic vocals. The collaboration between Fuck Money and the other two bands adds depth and diversity to the EP, highlighting the innovative spirit of the punk genre.

Overall, the split EP is a testament to the vitality of hardcore, grindcore, and punk music in the current landscape. It not only appeals to seasoned fans of the genre but also serves as a compelling introduction for newcomers. The EP captures the essence of the punk scene, offering a glimpse into its evolution and future direction. With its raw energy and uncompromising attitude, the split EP is a must-listen for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of punk music.

In conclusion, Deaf Club, The HIRS Collective, and Fuck Money have come together to create a powerful and dynamic collection of tracks that push the boundaries of punk music. The split EP is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the punk scene, providing a platform for dissent and expression in a tumultuous world. Dive into this release to experience the raw energy and passion of these three exceptional bands.

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