Thursday , 18 April 2024
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Adam Schiff and Steve Garvey to Head to November Runoff in California Senate Race

In the latest update on the California Senate race, Adam Schiff and Steve Garvey are set to face off in the November runoff, according to NBC Los Angeles. The primary election results have shown that Rep. Katie Porter of Irvine is trailing in third place, followed by Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland.

The competition to fill the Senate seat left vacant by the passing of Dianne Feinstein last year has been intense, with three leading Democrats vying for the position in a state where the Democratic party holds a significant advantage over Republicans. The entry of Steve Garvey, a former baseball star and celebrity pitchman, as a Republican candidate added a new dynamic to the race. Garvey, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, is a first-time candidate with limited policy positions.

All candidates, regardless of party affiliation, competed on the same primary ballot, with the top two vote-getters advancing to the general election in November.

The latest polling numbers from the California U.S. Senate primary show the following results:

– Adam Schiff: 36.5% (1,129,520 votes)
– Steve Garvey: 29.3% (905,975 votes)
– Katie Porter: 14.6% (451,511 votes)
– Barbara Lee: 7.2% (223,529 votes)
– Eric Early: 3.4% (106,695 votes)
– James Bradley: 1.6% (48,895 votes)
– Christina Pascucci: 0.9% (26,627 votes)
– Sharleta Bassett: 0.8% (23,889 votes)
– Sarah Sun Liew: 0.6% (18,269 votes)
– Jonathan Reiss: 0.5% (15,724 votes)
– Laura Garza: 0.5% (15,357 votes)
– Sepi Gilani: 0.5% (14,727 votes)
– Gail Lightfoot: 0.5% (14,577 votes)
– Denice Gary-Pandol: 0.4% (11,903 votes)
– James Macauley: 0.4% (10,973 votes)
– David Peterson: 0.3% (9,591 votes)
– Douglas Pierce: 0.3% (8,928 votes)
– Harmesh Kumar: 0.3% (8,390 votes)
– Major Singh: 0.2% (7,708 votes)
– John Rose: 0.2% (6,529 votes)
– Perry Pound: 0.2% (6,065 votes)
– Mark Ruzon: 0.2% (5,838 votes)
– Forrest Jones: 0.2% (5,586 votes)
– Stefan Simchowitz: 0.2% (5,503 votes)
– Raji Rab: 0.2% (5,349 votes)
– Martin Veprauskas: 0.1% (4,458 votes)
– Don Grundmann: 0.1% (2,736 votes)

Adam Schiff, known for his role as the lead House manager during President Donald Trump’s first impeachment and his involvement in the investigation of the January 6 Capitol attack, has been a vocal critic of Trump. Schiff’s impassioned speeches and strong stance against the former president have garnered him national attention.

As the race heads into the November runoff, both Schiff and Garvey will be looking to secure the Senate seat and continue their campaigns to represent California in the U.S. Senate. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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